Omaha Game 1

The College World Series is an incredible event, the fans, atmosphere, the baseball, all top notch. Game one Oregon State vs Cal State Fullerton did not disappoint. Beavers get down early battle back and pull out a 6-5 win. Next game Monday night. Go Beavs

Omaha Day 1

We left rainy Eugene early Thursday morning and arrived in very hot Ohama Thursday afternoon. Today the the team had there first practice and first look inside TD Ameirtrade Park. ESPN and media interviews and autograph session for fans. Here are 10 of my favorite photos from our first two days.

Satchel and Nisha Wedding

I first met Nisha about 8 or so years ago when I did portraits of her family. About 5 years ago I photographed her sisters wedding, so It was great get together whit them again for Nisha and Satchel's wedding earlier this summer. The wedding was held over three days, and most of the time I had no idea what was going on, but I was touching, colorful, fun and exhausting. I had a wonderful time celebrating with the two of them. Enjoy!

Oregon State vs Boise State

First off, my wife has demanded that she proof read my post before I post them. If you came here to laugh at my bad spelling and run-on sentences, you are going to be disappointed. Saturday was a beautiful day for football in Corvallis, warm with a slight crispness in the air and blue skies. The game started fast and good photos were abundant. The second quarter was rough, but I spent most of it in the new Terrace shooting photos. Beavers came out in second half ready to play hard and made a game out of it. Beaver fans who did not come back after half, you missed out. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the game. Enjoy. Editors Note: Please don’t judge my wife, it’s very difficult to edit my grammar and she does her best.

Oregon State vs Idaho State

It had not rained in Corvallis for at least two months, first home football game of the year of course is rains all day. I did not bel That's ok Beavers won and the new locker room is awesome the Terrace was a great addition to Reser Stadium. Mounted a camera on the goal post to shoot the players running out of the new locker room. Was not great but something different, me and Ryan will keep working on that the rest of the season. Side note that no one will care about but me and Ryan, I rented two  wireless transmitters for my camera's Nikon WT-5A and WT-6A and transmitted 103 photos during the game to Ryan who edited, cropped, toned and sent out. We had a few kinks but it worked pretty great. 

Behind the scenes with Oregon State Gymnastics

Here is a short behind the scenes time-lapse of my shoot earlier this week with the Oregon State Gymnastics team. One of my favorite things I photograph is the marketing photos for the Oregon State teams. The student athletes are great to work with, I get to be creative and try new and different things. In the video you will see team photos, head shots, and then individual photos of each gymnast. Thanks to Ryan Gardner for assisting on the shoot and setting up the time lapse.

Beavers vs Gophers College Football 2016

    Here are my thoughts and a few images of my trip with the Oregon State Football team to Minnesota for the first football game of the 2016 season. As we did last year when we went to Michigan, we flew out two days before the game to get adjusted to the time zone. We stayed in downtown Minneapolis so I got to explore the city a little. It is a pretty cool city reminds me a lot of Portland in the way the city looks and feels. I made it to local breakfast spot Al’s Breakfast, a little tiny hole in the wall breakfast place near the Minnesota campus, on Wednesday morning and it was a wonderful experience. You can see some photos here.  

    The game was pretty exciting and the Beavers was not over until the last minute of the game. This was the second Big 10 Stadium I have shot in and it was a great. The stadium was almost full, the fans were into the game and they have great traditions. The Beavers are going to be a much improved team this year and a lot better then many people think they will be. I am excited for the rest of the season. 

Here are a few of my photos from the trip, Go Beavs!